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Rita Lomicky (middle) from Hazlet, New Jersey

When I first saw the ad in the paper that told of "Sally's Story" it struck a deep cord in me. I called Dr. Lawicki and said "My name is Rita but you can call me Sally!"
I am a 58 yr old nurse who has been disabled for several years. I had severe pain in my foot and had received a spinal nerve block which went horribly wrong. I woke up paralyzed and was in the hospital for 6 months. I have recovered mobility but still have several motor deficiencies. I use a crutch and power wheel chair to get around. This put severe strain on my back and resulted in several herniated discs.

The first treatment was drugs which left me unable to function clearly.
Next came epidural steroid injections. I went to highly specialized pain management doctor and told him of my prior experience. The injections were camera controlled and did not further damage my spine. The first set of 3 injections helped the pain by shrinking the swollen area. It also resulted in uncontrolled blood sugar swings,making my diabetes very difficult to control . Unfortunately, the results only lasted months. A second set of injections again worked on the symptom....the swollen herniation.... again with poor diabetic control.

Again, after a few months, the symptoms of severe pain returned.
I could not see undergoing further treatments which could harm me without giving a lasting result.

The next step would have been surgical intervention.
Despite my scepticism of chiropractic care, so called traditional medicine had not helped, and in fact harmed me.

When I saw the information of the DRX it seemed an answer to my prayers.
It works by realigning the spine so the herniated disc goes back where it belongs.
My pain has decreased dramatically. My range of motion has increased . I can see over my shoulder out the rear side windows while driving. I can raise my leg into my car without having to use my hands to raise it.

Because I am not in so much pain, my blood sugar control is under better control and am actually using much less insulin than before. Being in constant pain puts a stress on the body which often results in a higher blood sugar level.
Less pain, less stress. less insulin needed. unexpected result of the DRX treatments.

Every visit the patient fills out a pain report- location and severity of that day. My pain went from a severe 8 [ out of 10] to a more manageable 3. However despite all the treatments, doing the stretching exercises and drinking enough water to keep properly hydrated I was unable to lower the pain number. Dr. Lawicki did not stand and insist that this is the only thing going on. He sent me for further X-rays and to check with my Primary Care Physician. Many chiropractors in the past were insulted by this and insisted that their way was the only right way. But Dr. Larry realized that there are some things that needed to be further investigated. Sure enough, I was found to have several stones in my gallbladder and I am about to have that problem removed. I am looking forward to return for the finish of my treatments in a few weeks.

Dr Larry and his wife Dr.Tara are warm ,friendly caring professionals that have years of training and experience. They have also proven they have the intelligence to know that they don't know everything and are unafraid to call for help. My soon to be departed gallbladder and I are very grateful for that.

My daughter, a soccer coach, has also gotten treatment for the compartment syndrome in her legs, caused by overuse and development of the muscles in her legs.
I have never been treated as just a disc problem. They recognize the whole person and family dynamics. The DRX treatments ,the rolling massage table [ my favorite] the deep heat and stim treatments, and the traditional ' adjustment ' are all utilized as needed. . Periodic updates and evaluations are done to keep everything done on a timely basis. It is not a one size fits all and one treatment plan ordered.

FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION, and I can safely say that my form is functioning much better!

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"If you have seen the ads on Dr. Lawicki on billboards or in the newspapers and his decompression treatment believe it!"

1. His office is comfortable, no waiting, your appointment is always on time.
2. Dr. Lawicki will answer your questions and will always be there for you.
3. The treatment you receive is the best and you will be very happy.
4. I drive 20 minutes further from my home so that I can get the service and treatment I need when there is another Doctor 3 minutes from my home. "I made the right choice."

Natalie Garfunkel
Manalapan, New Jersey

I have had surgery, a spinal fusion. The disc above the fusion became a problem. I could not get up out of bed, stand up from a chair without help, up and down stairs and leg cramps,most of the time. I had a pain level of 10. I was tired of pain pills , muscle rexalers and therapy. I was not sure about going to a chiropractor. But I didn't want another surgery. I read Dr. Lawicki's ad "The Sally Story" that was me! So after 2 months of debating , I decided to go for a free consult. Even though I did not qualify for spinal decompression therapy on the DRX9000 because of having spinal fusion surgery and having metal and screws in my spine. Dr. Lawicki used other kinds of therapy to get me better. His version of chiropractic. After a short time I could get up an down stairs , in and out of bed without help. No leg cramps and 90% pain free most of the time. My brother and sister in law and wife all have started treatment! All are doing well!

Norm Long
Rumson, New Jersey

It was the beginning of Spring this year, everything seemed to be going just as I had planned. I made it through a tough winter (so did you - congratulations) I was looking forward to getting my motorcycle back on the road, horseback riding in the crisp Spring air, and taking the winter cover off the boat to ready it for what would prove to be one of the best boating seasons in years. Discounting my work, which I enjoy immensely, I looked forward to enjoying the activities that the upcoming season would offer.

All of that changed rather abruptly. What I didn't know at the time was that there was a looming injury precipitated by two discs in my spine that were mildly compressed that would suddenly become exacerbated by an seemingly innocent twist at the waist. That twist occurred while I was installing a bathroom cabinet. That night was one I will never forget as the pain in my back and hip had me screaming at the slightest movement. The next morning I had to call for assistance to get out of bed and could barely walk without assistance or crutches. I then had the sudden onset of numbness between the knee and ankle of my left leg. The longing to engage in Summer activity was quickly replaced by the longing to be pain free again.

As the days passed, the diagnosis was confirmed - protruding disc core making contact with L4 and L5 nerve root resulting in debilitating pain and numbness. The Neurologist who made the diagnosis confirmed the scenario with an MRI and suggested that surgery would be a likely prospect, as the numbness was progressive and the only thing they could do until then was to administer pain killers.

Before committing to surgery, I pursued alternative options and was referred to Dr. Larry Lawicki. Dr Lawicki examined the MRI, confirmed the diagnosis and recommended a two to three month regiment on a SPINAL DECOMPRESSION MACHINE called THE DRX 9000.

I have learned to do my homework on recommended treatments, so I read EVERYTHING I could find on this new machine and decided to give it a try. The committment was not easy, but my feeling was that anything that could get me back to normal was worth it to me.

Before I started my treatments I was on a daily dose of 600mgrams of Ibeuprophen and a smaller dose of percoset. After the THIRD treatment, I was able to manage my daily activities without medication - proof that the treatments were have an immediate benefitial affect.

Dr Lawicki took me off the DRX 9000 after 26 treatments and put me on a decreasing maintenance/supportive care schedule from 3 - days a week to now once every other week. As of today, nearly six months to the day after the original incident, I am PAIN FREE!!!! I have resumed my normal activity; riding my motorcycle, fishing and boating and returned to the the horse trails. The best news in this story is that I avoided the risk of surgery and the protracted recovery that goes along with it. I would personally recommend that anyone facing a similar diagnosis try this before commiting to surgery. It worked for me.

Len LaRosa

I am 32 years old and have had low back issues for a couple of years due to working hard as an auto mechanic and other demanding jobs. In April 2010, the pain in my lower back took a turn for the worse and it didn’t seem like it was going to go away like it usually did. I decided to consult an orthopedic surgeon. I was sent for a MRI, and then off to physical therapy. The physical therapy only seemed to make my problem worse at this point, so I went for a second opinion from another orthopedic surgeon. He recommended an epidural injection. My feeling was that would only mask the pain without correcting my issues and then lead me to surgery. Not exactly the path I wanted to go down. Bu now it’s late in May 2010 and I can barely function throughout the day without painkillers. The pain became so unbearable I could barely get dressed in the morning, and couldn’t even tie my shoes. Walking became difficult and awkward since I had to limp to not be in pain. To make matters worse, I was sent home from work because I couldn’t perform my job. With a recommendation from my chiropractor, who I was long over-due from being treated by, I decided to go see Dr. Larry. He read my MRI with more insight than the two orthopedic surgeons. His diagnosis was 2 herniated discs at L4 and L5, and also 2 bulging discs above them. He discussed my options, supplied great information about how the decompression process works, and assured me he could help with my particular problem. So, I put my faith in him. It took about 4-5 treatments of decompression for me to really start to feel relief. Everyday seemed to be a little better. By following his orders of drinking the correct amount of water, icing throughout the day, and not performing any tasks at home, I soon was starting to feel like myself again. Each day brought more hope that I really was going to be better. I have finished the decompression program, and am now on maintenance care. It is now August 2010; I’m doing low back exercises and stretches without any pain and feel better than I have in about 3-4 years. Dr. Larry is very knowledgeable, compassionate and caring. If you follow his guidelines and treatment plan, you should expect to see results like I did. I would like to thank Dr. Larry, Dr. Tara and Shanna for all of their support and for giving me my life back.

Craig Grinnell
Colonia, New Jersey

When I first came to Dr. Lawicki, I had been suffering from severe low back pain and burning, numbness down into my left thigh for over a year. I could sit for a maximum of 10 minutes before the pain would become unbearable. The pain had forced me to cease any and all of my favorite activities including yoga, running, hiking and even walking. The pain was also affecting my productivity at work. I had been to numerous specialists with no improvement, then had an MRI of my lower back which indicated a bulging lumbar disc. At that point, I went to a chiropractor that attempted to use manual manipulation paired with electrical stimulation with no relief and at times an increase in pain! I was skeptical by the time I found Dr. Lawicki. After approximately a month of spinal decompression treatment, I was virtually pain free and the annoying burning feeling down my thigh was gone. Dr. Lawicki continued a maintenance program with me including exercise and massage to keep me active and productive. Thanks to Dr. Lawicki never giving up on me, I was able to improve my quality of life and can now be found doing those things I love the most like yoga and hiking!
Lynelle McFarland, Midlothian, VA

I've always seen testimonials and thought they were scripted and here I am writing one for Dr. Lawicki. At first he was a customer of mine. Then my doctor. Now he's my friend. I've ALWAYS been skeptical about chiropractors. I felt they were "quacks." However, I was in such pain and the only resort medical doctors presented me was cortisone shots or surgery. I was at a point in my life where I felt I was between a rock and a hard place. I chose to see Dr. Lawicki. The day I met him he came into get a picture enlarged at the pharmacy were I worked. Six months later I walked into his office at the Disc Center. We both said to each other, "where do I know you from?" I was really skeptical but it was either the DRX 9000 or the surgical options. After completing the sessions on the DRX 9000 and getting adjustments from Dr. Lawicki I started to feel much better. WITH OUT SURGERY! I still see Dr. Lawicki for adjustments but his treatment allowed me to function on a day to day basis in ways most people take for granted. If you have been diagnosed with disc problems in any part of your spine I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Lawicki to help you eliminate your pain. He's genuinely compassionate and has a deeply seated concern for ALL of his patients well being. Who knows, maybe Dr. Lawicki will end up being your friend for life too! He is mine and I'm glad I met him.
Sean Lyons


I have no words to describe what this doctor has done for me. He treats the whole person and does it so well. On October 10, 2002. my life changed when I had severe pain shooting down my right leg. I was diagnosed with a ruptured disc (L4 and L5) and finally had surgery in June, 2003. The surgery was painful and unsuccessful. As time went on I could hardly sit, get up and down, or walk. I decided to choose an alternative method of treatment and heard about Dr. Lawicki from a television commercial. I went for a consultation and decided to try the spinal decompression treatment. I was doing much better and getting on with my life when, in June, 2009 another type of pain occurred in my neck. Dr. Lawicki sent me for an MRI and found that I had three more herniated discs and two bulging discs. Once again, I chose the spinal decompression treatment and adjustments. I was getting so much relief that it brought back a smile to my face like the smile you see in this picture that was taken in 1994. I am seriously considering traveling from Richmond, Virginia to New Jersey because in my opinion no one can replace him.
Donna Sheffer

Dr. Lawicki, your decompression and chiropractic services has performed wonders. Before I started with you I was in chronic pain that prevented me from working, hiking, skiing, golf, and a lot of other activities that my family, friends, dog and I had enjoyed. The pain was such that I was in constant agony and found it hard to get any rest. This made me very impatient and irritable. Because of your services this has changed and I can once again enjoy the activities that had used to. My family, friends, dog, and I thank you.
Sal Napolitano

I'm a 60 year old male who has been using chiropractic care for 20 years without a lot of success until I decided to go to Dr Larry Lawicki and try his spinal decompression system. This was the best decision I have made in years. Within 2 years, my neck and lower back have improved over 100% and with good follow up chiropractic care, I can now lead a normal and productive active life. Dr Lawicki is one of the most caring physicians I have ever had!!! THANKS SO MUCH DR LARRY!!!!!!!
John Crouch - Richmond Va

My name is Josh Swaney. Dr. Lawicki was my chiropractor in Richmond, VA when he was at the Richmond Disc Center. I learned of the DRX9000 through an advertisement the Disc Center was running on one of our local channels. Before seeing the commercial, my life was miserable. I had herniated two discs in my back 2 years before becoming a patient of Dr. Lawicki’s and my quality of life was zero. I had missed a couple of months of work during that span, had constant sciatica pain in my left leg, and was very limited in what I could do with my family. I had been sleeping on the couch for 2 years because that seemed to be the only place I was comfortable and could get a half way decent night’s sleep. I had been through physical therapy and had even seen another chiropractor before walking into Dr. Lawicki’s office. Nothing seemed to work and at times it seemed all everybody was doing was making it worse. After undergoing treatment on the DRX9000 with Dr. Lawicki I feel great! Dr. Lawicki’s treatment process and the guidelines he gave me during the process have made all the difference in my life. My life has returned to normal. I am back coaching my daughter’s softball team, working out 5 days a week, and sleeping in my own bed without pain or the fear of pain. I would recommend the DRX9000 to anybody and have. It has been over 2 years since I finished treatment with Dr. Lawicki. I feel better than I have in years and I look forward to life with my family.
Josh Swaney- Richmond, VA

"Dr. Lawicki helped my back and sciatic nerve pain. My pain is completely gone. I will always be grateful.

Ann Boyle Red Bank, NJ"

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